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West-Mark is owned by a family of multigenerational industrial manufacturers, offering some of the highest quality custom trucks and trailers in the transportation industry. West-Mark was struggling with their inconsistent and outdated branding & despite having an exceptional reputation, they lacked a strong brand identity within their industry. They needed a company that was able to equip their sales team with a professional image and useful collateral to help push their products through in-person & online sales.


Our strategy was to establish core brand guidelines, modernize their logo, create social media accounts, and traditional marketing collateral in order to reach a specific demographic of transportation companies in the Central Valley. Through modern and tactical marketing strategies, we were able to position the newly branded West-Mark in front of their desired target market and help their salesman have the tools to close sales.



Increase of Instagram Followers


Increase of Facebook Followers


not seen as industry leaders

Cain Trucking Inc. is a family-owned business, with deep roots in the Central Valley. Known exclusively for Trucking, Compost, and Road Oil, we were tasked with developing awareness around the other sectors of their business. Working closely with the Cain team, our challenge was to bring attention to the other services and products that Cain has recently added to their offerings in a competitive market. They needed a company that had deep knowledge of the agriculture industry that could create meaningful content to solidify them as leaders in their industry.


evolve + connect

Cain Trucking Inc., has always maintained a strong brand image in the industry. Our approach was to elevate their brand on social media and produce impactful and informational content relevant to the agriculture industry. Using our core services such as social media management, graphic design, photo and video, and strategic marketing campaigns, we completely transformed the brand digitally and showed customers an inside look at Cain’s operations and their story, connecting them to the brand.

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